Equestrian Events – A Way of Life in Chester County!

Margot Mohr Teetor was born and raised with her 5 siblings on a beautiful farm in Chester County.  Her parents, Nancy & John Mohr, were very involved in the local community, and welcomed a revolving door of children, friends and a variety of animals at their property in Unionville.  Riding horses and ponies in the countryside was a right of passage.  Growing up in this region gave Margot an appreciation of land preservation and helped build her knowledge of the historic real estate that surrounds us.  This is why Margot excels at representing buyers and sellers of land and horse farms.  

Equestrian sport remains an integral part of this region’s business and tourism industries and adds to the charm of living in Chester County.  

Margot proudly supports the following events, which kicked off this past weekend with the 81st running of the Brandywine Races.

We hope that you will join us the evening of May 9th at the Willowdale in White Party  where Margot sponsors the band) and on May 11th for the running of the Willowdale Races   Proceeds from event tickets help benefit the Stroud Water Research Center and University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center.

Margot is also a seasonal sponsor for Brandywine Polo which holds a series of weekly matches and monthly tournaments from Memorial Day through the end of September.  Come bring the entire family to tailgate, stomp divits and watch regional and top international polo players compete at the largest polo club on the eastern circuit! 

We’ll see you there!