Stressless Listings

Take the Stress Out of Listing Your Home with Margot!

Preparing your home to go on the market can be a stressful endeavor and one that requires time and preparation to be well executed.  This is why a seasoned realtor is invaluable and can help streamline the process by clarifying steps toward staging your property and obtaining the most value for it on the market.  

This is where Margot excels.  

With more than two decades of experience with real estate transactions ranging from starter homes to large equestrian estates, Margot has perfected the art of preparing properties for the market.  Her cheerful confident manner and capable level of expertise enables Margot to assist clients in navigating the listing process – ultimately resulting in delighted clients and sold properties!

When listing with Margot, clients will be guided through the following steps:

  • Schedule a detailed walkthrough of client’s property.
  • Assess potential repairs to maximize value.
  • Review easements, HOA, Septic, and potential inspection issues.  
  • Discuss current market conditions and how to position property. 
  • Create a strategy for the best possible time to list the home on the market.
  • Familiarize clients with seller’s disclosure documents. 
  • Discuss the existing mortgage held on the property.
  • Connect client with home staging company to review areas to declutter, paint & improve.
  • Provide updated comparisons with properties that have sold recently in the area/school district.
  • Agree upon property listing price.
  • Schedule a photographer for interior and exterior photos as well as drone video.
  • Provide instructions on the showing process and expectations for vacating property.
  • Upload property to the Multi Listing Service website.
  • Schedule the broker’s open house to get other agent feedback.
  • Go to settlement!

Don’t hesitate, contact Margot and set up a time for your consultation!
Cell: 610.476.4910 | [email protected]