Equestrian Events – A Way of Life in Chester County!

Margot Mohr Teetor was born and raised with her 5 siblings on a beautiful farm in Chester County.  Her parents, Nancy & John Mohr, were very involved in the local community, and welcomed a revolving door of children, friends and a variety of animals at their property in Unionville.  Riding horses and ponies in the … Read more

Stressless Listings

Take the Stress Out of Listing Your Home with Margot! Preparing your home to go on the market can be a stressful endeavor and one that requires time and preparation to be well executed.  This is why a seasoned realtor is invaluable and can help streamline the process by clarifying steps toward staging your property … Read more

Chocolate Lover’s Win

Mugsi’s Dark Chocolate Caramel Margot’s Cookies win 3rd Place at the Kennett Chocolate Lover’s Festival

Fox Hill Farm

Written by Laurel Anderson Ever wanted your own vineyard? Perhaps on a sunny hilltop surrounded by 80+ prime acres in southern Chester County, planted with half an acre of gruner, cabernet franc, sauvignon blanc and semillon grapes. It’s enough to make dreams come true and produce a good Bordeaux blanc mix—affectionately called Brandywine Blanc and … Read more

French Bread

French bread handed down to me by my sister, Wendy CM Morris-Yummy!! Dry Ingredients: Mix two cups of all purpose flour with five tsp of rapid rise yeast and two teaspoons of salt. Wet Ingredients: Heat two cups of water (just a bit hotter  than lukewarm) Add 3 tbls of butter and stir until the butter … Read more